May. 3rd, 2011

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Okay, so a little note, too, because it's been bothering me. Re: Breakout Kings.

Normally this show has a pretty good balance, but occasionally they mess up. For one, Leverage, Criminal Minds, and now this have been picking on the Tea Party. Okay, fine. I think a lot of those people are racist, xenophobic nutjobs.

But that doesn't mean that they aren't right sometimes.

I'll tell you what I mean. In one episode of Breakout Kings, they had the "Patriot Front" (subtle!) and they confronted the fugitive's dad, whose farm was seized by imminent domain, which I happen to disagree with. I don't like the thought of government being able to seize property like that, but obviously, blowing up a post office is not the right way to fight this. The son planted the explosion, by the way, not the dad.

So they come onto the guy's property and start to search it, which he points out is trespassing. They cite the "in plain sight" rule, which, okay, they're kind of bending it, but I'm still willing to roll with it. Then they break into the guy's shed and he cites the fact that, HEY, they need a WARRANT to do that--and they shrug it off.

Um, no. That's a violation of due process, and I'm not going to root for the "good guys" here, because they're in the wrong. It skeeves me out because with the political atmosphere, including the Patriot Act, it's almost saying, "No, no, it's okay, because it's the bad guy, see?"

Yes, no one has ever been wrongfully arrested before!

There's a reason we have due process and why it's such a big deal. It's not "when we feel like it", or somehow okay because "we know it's him". Due process is important and I'm never going to feel sanguine about someone breaking it, no matter what their reasoning is; it really annoys me when shows try and make it seem okay, because it's not.

And knowing your rights and asserting them? That's okay to do. They make it seem like you're guilty if you ask for a lawyer; that you're hiding something if you make cops get a search warrant. No, it's not. It's a sign that you're a savvy person who happens to know their rights--it's called a right because you're allowed to assert it whether you're innocent, guilty, or not involved. Again, it's there to protect the innocent, not just the guilty people. I'm not saying cops are bad people, but they are people. They make mistakes. It happens.

So, shows? I'm not going to root for the people who blithely break the law, even if it's in pursuit of a bad guy. I'm not going to cheer that they ignored due process because they caught the guy. I get just as annoyed as you do when a guy who is clearly guilty walks away because of a technicality, but that doesn't mean the fault lies with the process itself. It's there to protect me, and I want to know the people who are supposed to be on my side are upholding it.

As a side note, not all Southerners are bigoted, chauvinistic hicks who talk slow and don't know what "exacerbate" means. We're not idiots, thank you very much.


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