May. 18th, 2011

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Well, Sean has a few more days off. He took a week off of work to relax, then his second day back, he got into a fight with a guy on PCP. They tased him and the guy didn't even twitch, so they finally had to choke him out. Apparently at one point he landed on top of Sean's legs, so Sean was trying to get out and ended up wrenching his knee. The doctors told him to stay off of it for the next few days, so he's gimping along with a crutch. I call him Hop-Along.

Also tonight, we got pulled over by a cop. Naturally my license was in my other pants, but Sean flashed his HPD badge and the guy let us go--it was nothing major, anyway, just the license plate light was out. Guess he was hoping he'd get lucky and we'd say, "QUICK, HIDE THE DRUGS AND GUNS AND THE DEAD HOOKER BEFORE HE TAPS ON THE WINDOW."

Constables don't have much to do around here.

In other news, I'm on an enforced leave from WoW, because I encountered the single nastiest glitch I've ever seen. One of the quests involves driving a tank around shooting things. Okay, so far, so good. Except I go to leave the tank and it won't let me. Um, weird. I tried using my Hearthstone, no go, then killing myself via Insta-Kill (Teleport to Graveyard), finding enemies to kill me, and finally attempting to drown myself, none of which worked. Sean was trying to help out and drove the tank behind a tree and so now not only am I trapped inside the tank, I'm stuck in a tiny little space. Great.

I couldn't even exit the game or logout. Seriously, it's like you have to work to make a glitch this bad.

Anyway, had to CTRL+ALT+DEL myself out of there, contacted a game master, and hopefully that'll get fixed soon enough.

That's what I've been doing with my life recently--but I'm a level 25 Fury Warrior Night Elf now, so...



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