Dec. 17th, 2011

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Seriously, fandom, seriously?

There's an ongoing debate because in some pre-production script, they referred to Monroe's character as "Eddie". It's never been mentioned on the show, so some people prefer "Monroe".

This is not a big deal.

And yet... people will make it one. In case you don't feel like following the link, you actually have people arguing that it's "disrespectful to the character" and they're less likely to give a fic a chance if it uses it--because, y'know, that's the true judge of writing.

But what really ticked me off was that I anonymously posted saying that if anyone had any prompts they'd really love to see filled, I would fill them. So I've been writing nearly all night and have actually written five stories, most at least 1000 words, and really my best to do quality work while working at the speed of light.

Everyone so far has been awesome, thanking me so much for filling it, saying that it's great, yadda, and then I get this:

If I could ask for something it would be for you to call him Monroe. :( Because I'd really like to share the Christmas joy.

It just seems really... ungrateful. You couldn't word it as, "I'd love to see this prompt filled, but could you use 'Monroe' instead of Eddie?". Or the fact that apparently she can't even read fics that use Eddie? Because there goes two thirds of fandom right there.

I explained to her that I usually use whichever the prompter used, but out of curiosity, I went back and checked--all but two of the fics I've written use Monroe!

I don't know. Just way to ruin the spirit of things, person. Thanks a lot for that, really.


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