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I am proof positive that bad things don't just happen to good people.

I have studied every day for hours, studied straight through from 11:00 a.m. this morning until my test, and went to every review session there was.

And I got there, did all I could, then realized I was going to fail.

At a certain point, it isn't, "Maybe if I do random operations I'll muddle through", it becomes, "What letter haven't I used in a while?"

I hit that point far, far, far too early.

Even with a curve, I think I failed. High failing, but still.

Not much I can do about it, though. Right now my brain feels like a gerbil on crack running around on a wheel to get to the speed water bottle while snacking on an LSD power bar.

Good thing I have that sociology test Friday! Otherwise I may have done something stupid, like try and relax. Silly me.
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Today in calculus discussion, there was a knock at the door.

My TA opened it to find a guy from Jason's Deli standing there with a bag of food.

"I've got an order for here?" he said.

"Um, you must have the wrong room," the TA said.

The guy checked his slip. "No," he said. "Right here, see?"

My TA steps back, looks around and says, "Did anyone order sandwiches?"

We laugh and the Jason's Deli guy was sent away. A few minutes later, we get another knock. It's the Jason's Deli guy again, saying that apparently the guy who has the class after us ordered sandwiches, and can he leave the food in the room.

"That's fine," my TA said.

The Jason's Deli guy put the bags by the chalkboard, then jokingly said, "I know how many are in there!"

"Yes," my TA said with a little grin, "but you are leaving, right?"

It was very cute. Some girls behind me started gossiping about how adorable they thought the TA was, and one of them said that he is apparently Hungarian or something.

Wish me luck--calculus test on Tuesday. I've been studying two-three hours every night for this sucker.
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So I have the flu! Fun times!

I woke up Sunday freezing. I had my comforter and a flannel blanket over me, curled up into a ball so small my calves were cramping, and I was trying to will myself to get up to put on a sweater. Court and Alicia were sweating in shorts.

"I think you may have a fever," Court said.


They drugged me up on Nyquil and I kind of drifted for the entire day, waking up now and then to see Court typing then drifting off again. Courtney says I whimpered in my sleep. Lovely!

Anyway, we took my temperature that night and it was 101.4, then today when I woke up it was 101.1. I considered going to class anyway, then decided against it when I could barely muster the strength to drink water from the bottle next to my bed. I ended up going to the doctor and they gave me pretty pretty drugs so I'm kind of stoned right now. Audrey's boyfriend Wes and his friend Brandon came over to help me with calculus homework (Really? Try doing this stuff drugged out of your mind. Fun times!) and then we had a fire alarm.

Oh, and Audrey said, "You didn't go to class today, did you?"

"No," I answered.


In other news, I found out I'm not 5'6". I haven't grown any in the past, oh, three years, I just found out I've always been mistaken. I'm awesome. For some reason, I've just always been convinced that I am 5'6", but the other day Audrey mentioned being 5'8", and I thought, "Huh! That's funny! I'm as tall as she is! I must be mistaken!"

So we were standing next to each other, both of us barefoot, and Alicia was like, "Y'all are the same height..."

"I got measured at the doctor, and I'm 5'7 1/2," Audrey said.

So yeah. It's just kind of like finding out that your hair is blonde when you've always been convinced it's brown or something.

ETA: How horrifying is this! Court got me a washcloth wetted down with water from the sink for me to put on my forehead. When I went to the doctor, it apparently fell off onto my bed. There is now a ring of white residue where it got wet. College tap water horrifies me so. I drink this, guys!
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My TA is so adorkable. He showed up to class today with his orange plaid shirt, then proceeded to cover up with a black sweater with a camouflage pattern of teal, red, and an olive yellow.

When writing on the board, he wrote "eqt" for "equation" and "chng" for "change".

"I try not to write the--ah, what is the word? A, I, E?"

"Vowels?" someone in the front row suggested.

"Yes!" he said triumphantly. "Wowels."

It's oddly endearing.

Though he insists on eschewing equations in favor of long, complicated steps that no one understands (I am perfectly okay doing things by rote, thank you very much), I feel a strange affection for him.

Yes, he's hard to understand. No, he doesn't know what a vertex of a quadratic graph is. Yes, he wears awful sweaters.

But dammit, he's my TA!

In other news, in BritLit today, we watched a clip from Monty Python's Meaning of Life and I managed to think the right answer to a question for ten minutes and not open my mouth because I was scared I would get it wrong. Way to go me.
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The TA for my calculus discussion sections is Russian.

He pronounces hypotenuse as "hyper-tennis", geometry as "germatry", and velocity was nearly indistinguishable. Ordinarily this would be very cute and mildly hilarious.

Right now, though, it is simply indicative of the particular accent my impending failure is going to take.

On a related note, math teachers should be banned from uttering these words in class right after speaking for five minutes on something that may have been string theory as applied to the welkins in Aramaic: This should be easy so far.


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