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I suppose I should have mentioned in my last post that I'm all moved in. Chris, who is in the Corps and lived in a smallish room that the fish were only allowed to refer to as their "hole", walked in, looked around, and said, "This is tiny."

Which tells you something.

I prefer the word cozy, myself.

Pictures of my dorm, now with hover text! )

So there you have it. My dorm in a nutshell--which it's about the size of. And whaddya know; filled with two nuts already.
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I had a marvellous weekend!

In the morning, I headed to work and went out to eat with Dad, Mom, Uncle John, Mike and Mare. Halfway through Matt called to talk to me about a job offer (he's a second year law student and wants me to help him with a research paper; I am skeptical about how much help I will really be, but I shall try) and I was talking on the phone to him. When I hung up, my tea was gone.

"Where's my tea?" I asked, looking around for it. Dad suddenly looks down and goes, "Oh. Whoops." Apparently he had forgotten his up at the counter and was drinking mine. I added lime to it and it's unsweet! How did he not notice? Anyway, he offered to give me some of his, but I really cannot stand sweet tea now that I've switched to unsweet. It's like drinking corn syrup.

After lunch, I headed out to Austin and made it there with the directions Uncle John gave me, met Courtney outside the dorm, and parked the car.

We went out to eat at Kearby Lane, an Austin restaurant that has a fantastic portobello mushroom sandwich, and watched Supernatural back at their dorm. We also went and got an "air mattress", which was actually a cleverly disguised pad that was about the width of one of my legs. It was comfortable enough to not wake up until 11:00 the next day, so I'm not complaining.

We ate breakfast at the dining hall with Audrey, a suitemate of Alicia and Courtney's, then went to Town Lake, where the guy behind the counter was really nice and reserved a three-person kayak for us. So we wandered around for 30 minutes, then came back and went kayaking which was an adventure. We were fine until we were on the opposite side of the river on the way back. The current kept sweeping us towards the riverbank despite our frantic paddling, and poor Courtney, who was in front, was attacked by overhanging branches. Twice. We made it back though!

Also when we were leaving, the guy said, "Oh, you don't have to wear the lifejacket, you just have to have it in the boat!" So like hell I was going to wear that thing, so I tossed it inbetween my legs while Courtney and Alicia put their's on. The guy watched them then said, "Nerd!" It was very funny.

Afterwards, we were going to go hiking up Mt. Bonnell and so Courtney printed out directions. We followed them to the letter and ended up in this super fancy neighborhood instead! It was uphill though... perhaps it was nearby and we missed it... Like good giver-uppers, we gave up.

We went to the Capitol, where I found Sam Houston's portrait and a portrait of E.J. Davis, who had to be chased out of office by the Texas Rangers and the newly elected Governor Coke because he didn't want to give up the position (and I just looked it up on wikipedia and it doesn't mention any of that!). I was laughing so much when I saw his portrait was actually up there. I would have figured they would quietly put it in the basement for perpetual "repairs" or some such. Courtney said Malibou Lamar's was somewhere. His two competitors "mysteriously" died before election. Fun with politics.

At the dorm we watched more Supernatural and sat around enjoying each other's company, then went out to eat Thai food at Madame Mam's Noodles and More (sounded promising, didn't it?). I've had Thai food before at a charming little restaurant in San Antonio called Jasmine's, and so convinced Courtney and Alicia to come try this one with me. A bit on the expensive side, but they had a huge plate and it was very good!

This morning, we went to Kearby Lane's again and I ordered a slice of my absolute favorite kind of cake, which I've never seen anyone serve before, that is, Italian Creme Cake, and it was utterly delicious. Especially after avacado black bean tacos. Mm-mmm. The waiter forgot to charge us for our drinks, too. I felt vaguely guilty though, so he got a $5.00 tip.

About that time, I headed back and made it without any undue difficulty, plus in only an hour. I found someone going 80 mph on the way home and just speed-tailed them most of the way on I-35.

Anyway. I had a very nice birthday. OH! Wow, I almost forgot the most exciting piece of news. On Friday or Saturday night, I forget which, I checked my status and I'm in! I'm officially admitted to University of Texas! I called Mike and Mare's house and got Mare, so I told her, and she was very excited. She told Mike and I hear in the background, "Cool". It was incredibly unenthusiastic, so I'm kind of glad I told it to Mare, who at least acted very supportive.

Bianca's birthday presents came in--two posters, one with a quote by Ray Bradbury (WONDERFUL!) and another with this quote: "The real purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking," by Christopher Morley.

That's it, I suppose! I have to research my topic for a persuasive speech on Tuesday (I should probably start that now, actually) on legalizing prostitution. I was going to do legalizing marijuana, but he was of the opinion marijuana was practically legal already (oookay, then!).

In the words of my cousin's friend, this is the last year I can be a teen mother!

You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.
--Ray Bradbury


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