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So yesterday I just kind of lost it at work. Just the combination of not getting enough sleep and mental exhaustion and everything all together just had me suddenly bursting into tears at random intervals. To make things worse, when I can't control my emotions and I freak out like that, I don't want anyone to see or anything. I'd rather be by myself. Stef is one of those people who when she gets really emotional, she wants people around her, so she kept trying to be helpful and asking me what she could do and it was really sweet, except it just made me feel embarrassed, which made me cry more. And I really have no idea what it was. Mike was all worried because he didn't understand why I was freaking out, and I couldn't explain, and yeah. I finally calmed down enough so that I wasn't answering the phones with, "J-Jor-sniffle--dan Builders." On the way home, though, 101.9, our radio station here, switched to Christmas music and that set me off as well because I started sobbing to "Hark the Herald Angels Sing".

So! In the spirit of not freaking out and losing it again, I was trying to think of constructive things to do. Lately Christmas has lost some of its spirit, and I was just thinking about this year.

Alicia, Keebler, Courtney, Christy, and Vanessa, basically anyone that buys gifts for each other, I was thinking that instead of buying gifts for each other this year, we all go to the mall or something near Christmas, and buy gifts from the Salvation Army tree? For the kids who can't afford gifts?

Anyway. I just thought it'd be something nice, because I mean, we're all at college, and it's not like we really are wanting for anything, and anyway. Just. Um. Feeling kind of dumb right now, but just tell me if you guys think it's a good/bad idea or if y'all want to do it. I thought it'd be fun because we would all be together at the mall, trying to find the gifts the kids want, and we could make it a tradition or something.

And as for everyone else--does anyone know how to volunteer to be a Salvation Army Santa? I can't find it on their website.

ETA: Found the presents-for-kids, it's at Adopt-an-Angel and I also signed up for the Salvation Army Bell Ringer thing. So exciting!

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.
- Roy L. Smith
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A picture I drew and have been meaning to upload for a ridiculously long time )

And I just noticed her nose is crooked. Damn. Anyway. Sorry for the poor quality--pencil doesn't scan well.

ETA: So there's this very loud, extroverted, awesome real estate lady named Dorothy who walked in to talk to Dad.

She saw the picture of the girl that I scanned on my desk and said, "Girl, what are you doing? Why are you working for your daddy when you could be making money?"

And I'm like, "Wait, is she saying I should be working because I'm drawing?"

Before I could say anything, she picked up the drawing and said, "Have you thought of plastic surgery?"

Taken aback, my first thought was something along the lines of, "Do I need it?"

She continued, "Because they have to draw, you know. Are you in school? What are you majoring in?"

"Uh, Biology and English?"

"You're halfway there! Girl, you are good. You should be thinking about being a plastic surgeon or something. Is this you?"

"Um, no, ma'am."

"Because it looks like you." She proferred the drawing to my grandpa and dad. "Doesn't this look like her?"

"She used to have long hair like that," my dad lamented.

"Well, she is a pretty child," she said, gesturing to me. "I think this looks like you."


"This is really good," she said once more.

My grandpa pipes up, "Now don't go feeding her ego any."

She jumped in. "What are you talking about? This is really good. That's not feeding her ego any."

I've decided I really like Dorothy.
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Law of Receptionists:

#1. The reason we put you on hold is because, given enough time, it is likely you will figure out the problem yourself without bothering someone else for answers. Also, we have to find out if the person you’re calling is at the office.

#2. 30 seconds is a perfectly acceptable wait while you are on hold.

#3. If I answer the phone and you tell me a ten-minute story without letting me interrupt, it is not my fault if you have to repeat the story to the person who actually is in charge of that job.

#4. We all know that he/she is not really in a meeting. The first three times though, it's common courtesy to pretend like they are.

#5. The fourth time, it is acceptable to acknowledge they are not.

#6. However, sometimes they really are.

#7. A business gets several calls a day from customers, bosses, investors, subcontractors, etc. If I have to ask for your name, don’t act insulted. Also, I am required to ask for your number, name, and what the call is in regards to.

#8. Receptionists are subtle gods. If you are rude to us, you’re not going to make it to our manager, because we answer all the phone calls.

#9. If you call at noon, the receptionist is probably the only one there. Call before or after lunchtime if you really want to talk to them.

#10. If you’re a sales call, there is no good time to call back.


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