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I went to the eye doctor today. Happily, the astigmatism in my left eye appears to have disappeared, though my overall my vision has gotten worse. I'm always vaguely amazed at how bad my eyesight really is. I forget until she pulls off my glasses, points to the chart and asks, "What can you read?"

"Well," I said, "If you ever change the E on top then I'm in trouble."

Ah, for the good old days when a giant E could be seen from five feet away.

In any case, I got sunglasses and regular glasses and waited around for Mom to get back from Garden Ridge. The library is just down the street, so I popped in there and read The Cossacks by Tolstoy for a bit until she came by. I've always been intimidated by Tolstoy; it's hard not to be when his most famous work takes up its own shelf at the library. I found I rather enjoyed his short stories, though, and I hope I can read The Death of Ivan Ilyich soon.

Murphy is doing really well. I tried to snag some pictures, but the camera takes three seconds to take a picture, which in Murphy's case is three seconds too slow. He drives me crazy sometimes, like now, when he sees me typing and pounces on my fingers--and the keyboard. He's managed to open new windows twice now. And he just somehow managed to hit the back button on this window. Still, he's adorably affectionate. The other night he curled up around my neck, then sprawled across my shoulder to take a nap.

So this entry isn't a complete waste of time, A Dresden Files fanfic for your pleasure )


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