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Highlights from Morgan's class today:

"The word 'Italia' originally referred to 'the land of heifers'. Whether they meant the cattle or the women, I don't know."

"I have nothing against sheep--except that they're stupid and dirty. And I have nothing against shepherds, except they perpetuate sheep."

"The Greeks were very 'Why are we here?' and talked about it for 2000 years. The Romans said, 'Because! Right, that's settled, let's get on with it.' "

"No one knows where the Etruscans came from and who cares, anyway? They're constantly theorizing and such. A giant spaceship could have landed and brought them all. Very Stargate, with Ra coming and saying, 'Right, you're all Etruscans!' I mean, it's like high school. Who cares what high school was like? You're an undergrad! Why does it matter what you were before? You're all Etruscans now!"
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This day was a complete and total bust. A bust that a raven would be ashamed to sit upon above a chamber door. A bust that Jayne Mansfield would slink away from in embarrassment. A bust that narcotics cops would point and jeer at.

When you're putting "The friendly Smurfs" as one of the Hellenistic kingdoms, there is something terribly, tragically wrong.

But I did draw two pretty pictures, so there's that. They're views from Waggener, so if you ever were curious where I spent 96% of my life--and I know you all are--you'll still be curious, because I don't have a scanner.

And now to drown my sorrows (by which I mean pizza) in ranch dressing and diet Coke.


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