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I used to be completely apathetic about my hair. It was there, occasionally cooperating with me, more often trying to blind me by whipping back into my face--and say what you may, that stings, dangit.

However, I grew up, and now am physically incapable of going more than a year without changing my hair in some way. I kept fingering it in the mirror, thinking, "It looks rather lifeless. Maybe if I bought some gel and went for a wet look, ala Ursula Andress..."

Without the white bikini, because I'm pale enough as it is, thank you. No need to scare small children on the beach or attract the attention of Captain Ahab. (White whale, yes? Aren't I clever!)

But I digress.

Last night, my suitemates and Courtney and I went to Wal-Mart, where we naturally found ourselves milling about the hair dye and comparing them out loud. And, because this is the way the story usually goes with girls, I found myself with a box of strawberry-light-brown hair dye and three entirely over-eager friends five minutes later.

That night, I found myself with dark, red hair that looked nothing like the box.

And today, I walked out of a salon with this hair )

I'm very pleased with it, though I tried on some cat-eye glasses with thick blue frames that made me look pretty foxy, so I'm going to try and get some new glasses this Spring Break.

So, likin', hatin', or ambivalin't?
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This weekend I went home with Court. Saturday, Christy, Court and I went to see Fool's Gold which was awful in a fun kind of way. I thought it would have been better suited for the summer, but then again, it's February in Texas and I went sunbathing on the roof today. In the movie, everytime the plot took a turn for the worse, I would say, "Wait, that's--" and then Matthew Mcconaughey took off his shirt.

I had dinner with my grandparents and Sean, who impressed me through his sheer jackassery. He shows up fifteen minutes before dinner was ready (which Grandma fixed for us), eats, then takes the TV she had for him and leaves without even waiting to clear the table. I was apalled. Grandma later commented on it, saying, "Do you think Sean had a date? He rushed off in a hurry..." Classy move, Sean.

Court and I left Grandma's with a bag of homemade banana nut bread and a knife secreted away in my bag (this is completely normal and not at all psychotic; try slicing up an apple with a plastic knife one day) and drove back to Austin. I saw a sign on the way that said something about "Austin to Cancun! $9.99!"

"Surely they don't mean $10," I thought. Out of curiosity, I looked it up and found them. I am very tempted, but the May ones right after finals are for $20, so Audrey, Court and I are entertaining the thought of going then. Audrey confessed the pictures of Cancun I looked up were what kept her going through her classes. I just keep repeating an inward mantra of, "Beaches, booze, and babes" in my head while sitting in class. I did the same skip-the-reading-then-write-an-essay-on-it in Sociology as I did in my BritLit and ended up getting full credit. With a "Well done!" at the bottom. It's hard to motivate yourself to work when you know that you really don't have to, true story.

Finally, Audrey said she had a dream last night we were at Cancun and there were dinosaurs that chased us. Apparently at one point we were trapped in a room with a group of guys, and a T-Rex on the outside trying to get in when I shouted, "F this! I'm not going to die a virgin!" and started stripping with one of the guys.

I should have asked if he was at least good-looking.


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