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Nov. 2nd, 2011 01:10 pm
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Also, in case you were curious, This is what I look like with black hair )

It's kind of growing on me, actually.
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On the eleventh day of Halloween, my best ghoul gave to me, a picture of Winnie the Pooh )

I actually printed those out, bought a pack of Crayolas, and relived my childhood today at work.

In other news, Viva Laughlin was cancelled after only two episodes being shown, a cold front came through and we went from 93 during the day to 54, and Mike and I carved pumpkins.

He chose a ridiculously difficult stencil of Darth Vader. I chose a somewhat more simple Tigger. I say somewhat more simple because the printer wouldn't work, so Mike and I had to freehand the pictures from the computer onto the pumpkins.

They both look fantastic though, despite Mike mixing up his negative and positive spaces in one area and part of my Tigger's face breaking off. We lit them and Mike remarked, "It's good that pumpkin is such a forgiving medium."

I'll post pictures soon--of the pumpkins, and Kimberly.
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I’ve been in a bit of a bitchy mood of late, so I’m seeking to (somewhat) remedy this by making a list of random things that annoy me so hopefully I can let it go:

1. The other day Mike said that I was predictably unpredictable. When all three of my brothers went to A&M, he said, it was natural that I decided to go to UT.

I hate how any action I make on my own is reduced to a reaction to something my brothers have done. I chose UT because it had the best liberal arts program, which is what I’m mostly interested in.

2. There is no neutral pronoun in the English language, so whenever I’m talking about the position of governor in Texas, I have to type out “his or her cabinet” or whatever. It’s very annoying. Someone should get to work on this.

3. My speech group has to do an informational speech on Tuesday, with each member speaking 1-2 minutes on one point of a main topic. Ours was DeBeers, so after class, I went to the library, pulled every book and magazine that had something to do with it. I organized a formal outline, broke the topic into four sections and listed a brief description of the pertinent information in each book, along with the title, author, and page number. Then I attached the outline to an email, sent it to all the group members, and said I’d take whatever point no one else wanted.

Only one person has replied: my cousin, Stef.

And now, for some things that are good to cheer me up:

1. My housing and admissions application is in, now I’m just waiting on a formal admittance.

2. I did a degree audit on the UT website, and it looks like all but one of my classes count towards my degrees, which is way better than I thought.

3. I’m super ahead on government. I think I can be done with the class entirely by September 27.

4. I haven’t spent any money recently, got a paycheck, and have a somewhat more substantial paycheck on the way in a couple of weeks.

5. Sean finally got accepted into the Houston Police Department! He’s moving in October, which means I finally have that side of the house to myself! I can box up his books and clothes, clean the place up, and hopefully paint it so that it looks way nicer than it does now. I’m very excited about this. I’m excited for him, but really looking forward to having some space, as well.

6. Mike instituted “X-Files Night” when everyone who can gets to his house on Fridays and watches X-Files. It’s very fun and relaxing and I love it.

7. I’ve lost more weight and am nearly down to 155. Speaking of which, “lost” is a stupid term in that context. Seriously. It implies I might find it again, or that I somehow miss it. From now on, I’m saying that I killed pounds because it’s closer to reality.

8. I’ve renewed my love affair with blues, swing, and jazz. I listened to Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, and Charles Mingus all last night.

9. Torchwood premiered finally! Mom and Dad couldn't understand what the people were saying, but Sean and I like it.

10. One word (literally): fantabulous. How awesometacular a word is that? Use it and use it often.

AND I finally got around to uploading pictures from the Utah trip. They are here.
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My very first credit card!

And a homemade graph illustrating how very, very bored I am.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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A picture I drew and have been meaning to upload for a ridiculously long time )

And I just noticed her nose is crooked. Damn. Anyway. Sorry for the poor quality--pencil doesn't scan well.

ETA: So there's this very loud, extroverted, awesome real estate lady named Dorothy who walked in to talk to Dad.

She saw the picture of the girl that I scanned on my desk and said, "Girl, what are you doing? Why are you working for your daddy when you could be making money?"

And I'm like, "Wait, is she saying I should be working because I'm drawing?"

Before I could say anything, she picked up the drawing and said, "Have you thought of plastic surgery?"

Taken aback, my first thought was something along the lines of, "Do I need it?"

She continued, "Because they have to draw, you know. Are you in school? What are you majoring in?"

"Uh, Biology and English?"

"You're halfway there! Girl, you are good. You should be thinking about being a plastic surgeon or something. Is this you?"

"Um, no, ma'am."

"Because it looks like you." She proferred the drawing to my grandpa and dad. "Doesn't this look like her?"

"She used to have long hair like that," my dad lamented.

"Well, she is a pretty child," she said, gesturing to me. "I think this looks like you."


"This is really good," she said once more.

My grandpa pipes up, "Now don't go feeding her ego any."

She jumped in. "What are you talking about? This is really good. That's not feeding her ego any."

I've decided I really like Dorothy.
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akslfja. I'm not even sure if you read this anymore, Alicia, but HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!

(I have a good excuse for being late this time!)

So I was going to have this huge long post, but I fail, so instead, indulge in some nostalgia:

I completely forget what the joke was behind this, actually. )
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Well, that picture I just posted was awful, and I went out to eat tonight and got all dressed up, so I thought I'd take a better picture!

Instead, I took these:
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Flashiest of Them All? )

Ah, well. And because I know [ profile] breakfasting is screaming, "OH YOU DIDN'T GO OUT LIKE THAT, RIGHT?" at the screen, I was wearing a black shirt over my red shirt, so you couldn't see any part of my bra.

Also, I made dinner and finally took pictures:

Lima Bean Salad, Miso Soup, and Lemon-Rosemary Potatoes )


Jul. 16th, 2007 06:57 pm
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Drum Roll, Please )

So, yeah. Cut my hair.


May. 10th, 2007 11:17 pm
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So, a conundrum. I've had long hair (past my waist) since forever. I cut it once in 6th grade, a bob that ended at my shoulders, and it emphasized the fact that I kind of have a bit of a turkey neck.

Anyway, I want to do something drastic, something preferably really short, that won't emphasize my neck or anything like that, but I'm perfectly awful at knowing what looks good on people and what won't (as evidenced by the Horror of the 6th Grade Bob).

So, any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

Included are four pictures of me:

Me )

This was actually posted to a comm, so excuse the formal nature. Ideas, suggestions, cautions, my dear friends? I'm hoping one of you is a closet stylist, so help me out here.

I think I want something kind of punky, because I'm going to put green or blue streaks in it, but I'm up for suggestions!
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There is a war going on.

No, not the big one in Iraq with the guns and sand--I'm talking about the one at home, between fat people and skinny people.

You're right, I said it: fat. Skinny. When did these become curse words anyway?

Now, hold your horses--fat people are getting ready for a rallying cheer of, "Hell, yeah, I'm curvy and beautiful!" and skinny people are bracing themselves for a slew of skinny-hate and thinking up their own retorts ("You call that healthy? Curves, not entire other worlds.")


You heard me, neither. I'm sick of this, all of it. All the self-hate, all the hate to others. Do you realize how much hate there is in the world? We hate Republicans, we hate Democrats. We hate Americans, we hate other countries. We hate fat people, we hate skinny people, we hate telemarketers, we hate people who don't agree with us, we hate hate hate hate. Yeah, it seems innocuous enough, you're just using a word, right? I'm an English major. I can tell you the power of one word.

Real women have curves. Real women are stick-thin. Real women are women. They're real and beautiful, no matter what they look like. There is beauty in everything, and everybody.

So, celebrating women--Pictures of Women, of All Sizes, All Shapes, All Colors, All Beautiful )


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